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Quality is Tak Yu pursuit of the first goal, to make customer as one wishes, enterprise strictly the quality pass, always tracking the staff skills and the quality, and strive to provide customers with high quality service.

Data input: in order to guarantee the high quality, we use the two book or the three book way, required to achieve over 99.80% accuracy rate.

Proofreading proofreading data: data entry file through the process of comparison, obtains more accurate file, the accurate rate of more than 99.90%.

QA: we use a variety of quality inspection tools and methods, and with the aid of a particular quality inspection software for file search file error, ensure the accuracy rate of 99.98%.

Employee attitude and the company of the task's long-term plans and goals, believe in quality, we never make the first.Tak Yu to the quality of survival, the pursuit of excellence, high quality, high standards of service concept, so people always passion passionate, active enterprising!

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